What should I expect my first visit?

You will want to arrive between 5-10 minutes early to fill out a quick intake form and allow yourself some time to use the restroom, if needed. We will enter the massage room and discuss your individual goals for the session and answer any questions you may have. Remember that the room is very customizable. Everything from the volume of the music, the lighting, the heat on the table, and the temperature of the room are adjustable. Feedback about pressure and general comfort are encouraged. 

Do you take insurance?

 While I currently do not bill any insurance, I do offer an invoice that can be submitted to insurance companies for potential reimbursement. Be sure to call your insurance company prior to your appointment and ask if they offer reimbursement for massage therapy when provided with an invoice. 

What session type should I pick?

There are a range of choices: Cupping, Facial Cupping, Hot Himalayan Salt Stones, Aromatherapy, CBD Infused Massage Oil. Within each of these categories your massage will be further customized by deciding on style and technique ranging from a Mild General Relaxation or Deep Tissue General Relaxation, to Post-Injury/Post-Surgery Treatment, and Sports Massage. We will communicate about your unique massage needs at the time of your appointment, and in the meantime you can browse the website and read about the various session types here: Description of Services

What session length should I pick?

This can be a little more tricky to answer without directly working with a person. It will depend on What your goals for the session are, what type of and how much muscle and soft tissue dysfunction are present, how quickly your muscles respond and release, and your own individual preferences as well. 

How often do I need massage?

This varies significantly from person to person. If an injury or chronic pain condition are involved it often requires frequent visits at first in order to get ahead of the issue. The longer between sessions the more time your body will have to return to the condition it was in before. More frequent sessions at first will allow for us to make more progress than starting over from the beginning each time. Over time, as you notice you are beginning to feel better for longer periods of time between massages it is a good time to extend the time between sessions to a monthly maintenance. Monthly maintenance massage is key in: keeping muscles healthy thereby reducing muscle pain and helping to reduce likelihood of injury, aiding in managing chronic pain conditions, relieving stress and anxiety, and promoting overall health. 

Does massage hurt?

 A good hurt is often desirable and can be extremely beneficial for some. However, what works varies from client to client. "No pain, No gain" is often said about massage and isn't always true and should ALWAYS stay within reason. With injuries or chronic pain conditions treatment is likely to come with some tenderness or discomfort but should never rise above a level you as the client are able to relax through. It is perfectly okay to seek that "good hurt" in a massage, or to take a more gentle approach. Studies have shown that clients' muscles tend to respond best to what feels right to them individually, some people respond and relax better with light pressure massage and some people respond better with a firm pressure massage. You might respond better to deep tissue work and you might not. Some prefer a more generalized relaxation style experience. Everyone is different, and it's not really surprising that studies are showing this is perfectly okay! Although there are certain dysfunctions, injuries, and conditions that require some discomfort to work through because they are already very painful without introducing touch anyway, or scar tissue and adhesions have formed. Those conditions can often be helped with massage and bodywork but may require some discomfort to address yet should still always stay within the pain threshold of you as the client and be something tolerable to work and breath through. Some clients find they are able to work through painful conditions in a way that is not "painful" to them via gentle myofascial release techniques, and/or perhaps cupping or hot stones. Some feel the need for a more intensive session to feel results. Modalities like cupping and hot stones can vary in intensity and depth as well. Additions like aromatherapy and/or topical CBD oil can aid relaxation, and even directly soothe muscle soreness. Client and therapist communication are the primary keys in getting the right massage for each individual. Some people are coming for specific treatment of injuries, some may have specific problem areas but are really just looking for general relaxation without focusing on those problems. It is your massage, let's work together to make sure your massage is customized to fit your needs on the day of your visit! 


How do I cancel or reschedule my appointment?

The system will send auto-text confirmations and reminders about your appointments. There is a link provided in the text messages to cancel or reschedule the appointment. You are welcome to call or text me directly at (509)845-6722 as well. If the time you are looking for is not currently available please contact me directly. Let me know what day(s) and time(s) you are looking for and I will place you on my waitlist to be contacted when cancellations occur. If you need to reschedule or cancel, please do so at least 24 hours prior to your appointment time. Cancellations with less than 24 hours notice and missed appointments may be charged at 50% of the cost of the appointment booked.